“What size shoe do you wear?”  can sound like a straightforward question that is often answered with a simple number.  But there are many factors that determine a perfect shoe fit.  Finding the right size shoe is critical to getting the most comfort and performance out of a running or hiking shoe.

Shoe length is indicated by a number and shoe width is indicated by a letter.  These sizes can fit differently between manufacturers and even brands, so don’t be surprised if a size 7 in one brand fits differently than a size 7 from a different brand.  There are also several other variables to consider: 

  • Foot swelling – based on activity
  • Socks – size and thickness of socks can affect shoe fit
  • Orthotics/inserts – these often take up more space
  • Lacing – tightness and other factors affect fit

Each of these considerations will be covered in the following videos

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