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Accessories for the Trail

Reflective Accessories

When running in the dark or in inclement weather, you will want to make sure you are visible to those around you. This is for your safety, and also the safety of those around you.

You can purchase stand alone reflective products such as wearable vests, gloves, and hats, allowing you to add these items to any outfit.

You can also purchase apparel items that have reflective overlays printed or heat pressed to the garment. These are generally found near the leg or arm cuffs, the front and back of the waist, or on the chest.

Also consider a headlamp if you’re headed out in the early morning or late evening hours. You will need illumination to light your route, and it can serve as a beacon for others to see you.

Hydration Packs

Hydration is a major part of fueling your adventures. Depending on how much hydration you need or want, there are a variety of carrying vessels you can choose from. It is up to you to determine what you will need for each adventure, as things may change based on the type of adventure and the time you spend on the trail.

Options to consider include handhelds, waist packs, and wearable vests. Handhelds are great for short jaunts whereas a vest if perfect for long adventures.

Each hydration vessel will usually come with extra storage and pocket space. This is helpful for carrying nutrition (gels/food), keys, cell phone, lightweight jacket, poles, an extra layer, you name it.