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Material Types

There are various fabrics that apparel may be constructed from. All serve a specific purpose, and understanding that purpose will help you to better enjoy your adventure.

Cotton – When it comes to running and exercising, you want to stay away from wearing apparel made of cotton. The cotton material is hydrophilic and will hold onto any moisture it comes in contact with. Your perspiration (sweat) will keep the cotton material wet or damp (and heavy), which can lead to chaffing, and in cold conditions, could lead to hypothermia.

Merino Wool – This is a natural fiber that helps regulate body temperature, wicks away moisture from your body, and will keep you warm even when the fiber is wet. Another perk of merino wool is that it absorbs odor (caused from bacteria), so that you can continue to smell like a daisy during your adventure.

Synthetic Materials – Most performance apparel is made from synthetic materials because they are know for their ability to wick away moisture quickly, keeping you dry, and helping you to stay cool when you want to be cool, and warm when you want to be warm.

Spandex and Elastane – Stretchy type of synthetic material that provides compression while still allowing for freedom of movement. These materials are generally found in tights and shorts.