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<10 Degree Layering

For those who are fearless or simply enjoy returning home with frosted hair and eyelashes, you will want to go all-in on your running kit for temps 10 degrees and below.

Molly recommends:

  • Full Length Insulated Tights
  • Water or Windproof Running Pants
  • Lightweight Base Layer
  • Insulated Lightweight Jacket (down, wool, or synthetic material
  • Water Repellent Jacket
  • Additional Insulated Layer – a vest or jacket to go on top of your water repellent jacket.
  • Beanie
  • BUFF
  • Glove and mitten combo.
  • Wool Socks
  • Weatherized Running Shoes – GORE-TEX (GTX) shoes that have a waterproof membrane, keeping the snow, rain, or sleet from soaking into your shoe. GTX shoes will also help to trap the heat created by your feet.